Cameron Scott
 wood relief carver and collage artist

Whilst lecturing in Shrewsbury I discovered a passion for wood carving. The technician found half-a-dozen old boxes of chisels. They were lovely boxes, and so I took one away and eventually started using them. So I am a self taught carver.

I have always been influenced (after a very early visit to the Uffizi, Florence) by the beautiful early Renaissance painting which often tell a story through the devise of  using different rooms / areas in the same picture. I use this devise to be able to incorporate various aspects of my memories into the same pieces, but with a strong narrative thread running through.

My carvings incorporate places I have been, which have influenced me and which mean much to me – Kintore, Scotland my home village / my time in Italy and also my partner’s family’s home in Mondovì, Italy / where I live now / and where I visited yesterday. Often using, to me, iconic buildings such as Kintore Town Hall (which I lived across from most of my childhood), Palazzo Vecchio bell tower in Florence, the black and white checkerboard marble floor of Aberdeen Art Gallery.

This is overlaid with memories of my childhood / my mother and father/ looking out my bedroom window in a small Scottish village hoping for a different life / being a student in the 60s in Aberdeen and the music of that time. 

I work in lime wood, a beautiful and easy wood to work. It turns a lovely warm colour over the years. Apparently early English church sculpture was in lime and then gilded.

Pictish standing stones in Black Swan Arts (long gallery) (1).jpg The Picts at Passchendaele (2).jpg View from my decking (1).jpg Watching the Aurora Borealis from my studio (1) (1).jpg With Nick at the Black Swan (for PM).jpg

With Nick at the Black Swan (for PM)

Width 78 cms

Height 42 cms

Depth 8 cms

View from my decking

Width 46 cms

Height 42 cms

Depth 7 cms

Pictish standing stones at Black Swan Arts (long gallery)

Width 42 cms

Height 35 cms

Depth 7 cms

The Picts at Passchendaele

Width 41 cms

Height 32.5 cms

Depth 7 cms

The Aurora Borealis from my studio

Width 42 cms

Height 60 cms

Depth 9.5 cms

I awoke dreaming of Nunney

Width 50 cms

Height 37 cms

Depth 10 cms

I awoke dreaming of Nunney.jpg

Moving On

Width 90 cms

Height 53 cms

Depth 10 cms

Moving on.jpg

Left with suitcase

Width 74 cms

Height 44 cms

Depth 10 cms

Left (suitcase).jpg Aberdeen - Florence — Listen for Malcolm’s footsteps.jpg

Aberdeen / Florence:

Listen for Malcolm’s footsteps

Width 66 cms

Height 34 cms

Depth 7.5 cms

Accrington :

Tiffany and view to motorway

Width 40 cms

Height 36.5 cms

Depth 7.5 cms

Accrington - Tiffany and view to motorway 1.jpg

Kintore / Colne :

He never could tell jokes

Width 61.5 cms

Height 42.5 cms

Depth 7.5 cms

Kin tore - Colne - He never could tell jokes.jpg

Kintore : Coronation week

Width 59.7 cms

Height 57.75 cms

Depth 7.5 cms

Kintore Coronation week.jpg

Home : I never knew Frank Zappa

Width 30.5 cms

Height 43.5 cms

Depth 7.5 cms

Colne - I never knew Frank Zappa.jpg

Florence/Cerne Abbas :  Road over the tops to Bradford

Width 44.5 cms

Height 40.75 cms

Depth 7.5

Bradford-Florence-Cerne Abbas - Road over the tops to Bradford.jpg On the road to Howarth.jpg

On the road to Howarth

Width 30.5 cms

Height 37cms

Depth 7.5 cms

Pictish Stone in My Back Garden

Width 63 cms

Height 71 cms

Depth 5 cms

Delivering Pictish Stones to the Butts, Frome

Width 32 cms

Height 77 cms

Depth 8 cms

Leaving Home

Width 46 cms

Height 66 cms

Depth 5 cms

Before and After Vienna

Width 58 cms

Height 38 cms

Depth 6 cms